About Us

Who We Are

Enable-Growth is a Forex Trading services provider. We provide a combination of software and training services that enable our clients and member to grow. Our aim is to provide our customers with impeccable services and exceptional value-added benefits. This is achieved through a blend of technology and human involvement. In order to stay ahead of competition, we focus on a combination of very strong signals, small & frequent results, and excellent risk management.

What We Offer

Our Shoestring EA is programmed to trade within excellent trading conditions only. Combined with excellent timing and clear stop and take-profit targets, with human intervention when necessary, we have been able to provide our clients and members consistent returns.
Some of our customers would like to learn how to achieve these results themselves without the use of Shoestring EA. For this reason, we offer our members a Trading Competency Course, which when coupled with our regular feedback on shoestring’s trades, becomes a very comprehensive learning system. We also run trading competitions conferences for our members, which introduce fun to the learning process.
A few of our customers have gone on to become affiliates, actively promoting the Enable-Growth brand. Enable-Growth supports this through regular challenges, incentives and prizes.